Archetypes in Intimate Relating

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archetypes-in-intimate-relationship-big.jpgStrephon talks about evoking archetypal dynamics in intimate relating. Couples talking about their intimacy experiences allows them to bring choice and play to relating.


Sexual Ethics In Dating

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sexual-ethics-in-dating-big.jpgStrephon discusses his and other people’s experiences of sexual relating dating and the essential value to affirm when out on a date.

Sexual Negotiating

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sexual-negotiating-big.jpgStrephon talks about the purpose and use of sex to create a partnership that works in life to enhance both of you. Don’t get caught up in sex for pleasure, or you waste it.

The Truth Of Sexual Orgasm

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the-truth-of-sexual-orgasm-big.jpgFreeing your sexuality by a strong look at the attitudes and labels of the mind put on Sexual Orgasm. Strephon makes a case for not forcing orgasm but for allowing truth in ecstasy, the natural orgasm that leads to other levels of relating.

Coming Soon – New Audiobook

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Loving Laurie is the true reminiscence of Strephon’s and Laurie’s first love and marriage. Strephon tells in this audio how they met and how they loved, with the important in’s and out’s of their moving relationship.

For adults only who can stand the pain of love as well as its joys.

It’s not gossip, but love’s learning. Yes, much pain that needs redeeming, and much love that is evoking of the wonders of life is recorded here for audio listening.

Besides a special feeling experience for yourself in listening, you will see through Strephon’s processing, as a person, a lover and a Jungian psychologist who works on himself, how you can enhance your own experiences of love.

We teach ourselves by doing, then processing for the teachings what happen to us in love.

Laurie is a real person in this audio memoir, as is Strephon. This love and marriage lasted about five years in that period before the sixties in which middle class Christian America produced a culture of repression that needed to break out. And break out many of us did. We went for it! We went for a new and different life.

Nostalgia is ripe in this audio memoir, but mostly in a good way because of the lessons that had to be learned. Let’s just say that you cannot live the past over. We all suffer our losses. Yet if we learn from our gains we can love the more fully as we journey on, journey on.

Where is Laurie now? Strephon lost contact with Laurie over fifteen years ago when he moved to Europe to live and teach. It’s all in the audio memoir. Is Laurie living or dead these almost fifty years later?

Strephon does not know. He is honest but respectful of Laurie and himself. His memory recall will not be completely accurate, yet very real emotionally. Nothing is intentionally made up in this true story.

The feast is in the food put on the table, not the food as originally harvested. Be prepared for real emotions.

We have our losses in love, and even the fiftieth anniversaries of our losses, to be celebrated as much as our gains.

Here is the love poem, written now, that is the refrain, the theme that goes with this true love reminiscence.

When a lover is lost
Love is not lost . . .
Oh, Yes, love endures
Love’s heart endures

As long as my heart is open
So is love open to me
As long as love is open
So is my heart open . . .

To love is to open
To open is to love . . .
– Strephon

Perspective 4 Dream Sex

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Perspective 4 Dream Sex

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Strephon talks about how dream experience sometimes clashes with our unconscious attitudes given us by society. Which do we go with? Society’s attitudes or our own life principles?

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Perspective 3 Masturbation Dream

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Perspective 3 Masturbation Dream

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Strephon talks about his masturbation dream and its message to free oneself of society’s attitudes of right and wrong.

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True Love Kiss

November 13, 2006 - 3 Responses

When love is true you can kiss.

When love is false, or not compatible, you cannot kiss the other person over and over again and feel what you should be feeling when kissing a true love.

Some of us already know this from our earliest kissing experiences. Yet, then again, in the business of life we may have forgotten this simple truth of nature, of the instincts, and of the soul.

Instincts are our genitals in interaction. Sexual desire and expression are our bodies and instincts at work to generate desire for the other person, and as in the old days, pregnancy and children.

Love compatibility between the sexes is not built by sexual desire, love-making techniques and free sexual expression.

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Vodcast 4 Strephon’s Plant

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Vodcast 4 Strephon’s Plant


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Strephon does wacky humor with a point. See him interact with his favorite plant of the moment, and maybe learn something about love. Maybe not!



Vodcast 3 Strephon On Love

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Vodcast 3 Strephon On Love

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Strephon talks on love, not the experience of love. Love is what you do with the experience of love.